Lying on the Couch

Adventures in Therapy – with Susan Guttridge, BA, MC, CCC


“As human beings, we are not problems waiting to be solved, but potential waiting to unfold”

SusanThis blog is dedicated to all the incredibly courageous people who seek change within.

I am a Master’s level Counsellor with the clinical designation of Canadian Certified Counsellor (Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association). I have over 15 years experience providing professional individual and group therapy. I have a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and extensive post-graduate training in trauma therapy and the impact of abuse.

My expertise is in trauma therapy (including abuse, traumatic loss, and violence from a romantic partner), anxiety (including post-traumatic stress), depression, and life transitions. I believe that as humans, we are capable of self-growth, healing, and experiencing happiness. I believe that the beginning of working through problems often needs to start with developing affect regulation skills (the ability to gain control over those strong emotions that come on like tidal waves and seem to hijack our rational brain). Once an individual develops the ability to regulate affect, working through their presenting problem becomes more tolerable, and emotional healing begins.

Live Happy Counselling Services is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Special Mention: I am honoured to name this blog (with permission) “Lying on the Couch”, after the popular novel written by psychotherapist Irvin Yalom. The work of Yalom has been influential throughout my counsellor training and career. It is through Yalom’s perspectives, questioning, and dedication to providing excellent therapy to clients that I have been able to better attune to clients in the moment, being a genuine caring presence for their healing journey. I honestly can not say which I am more grateful for: receiving permission from Irvin Yalom to use the title he coined, or to have had the interaction with him! Regardless of which – thank you!

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